Friday, January 11, 2008

Job submission to TG machines

Color code
Blue: Serial pw.x is ready to run and accessible by Task Executor
Red: pw.x installation failed.
Green: Serial + MPI pw.x is ready to run and accessed from Task Executor
machine hostname architecture job sub job manager
BigRed ppc64 GT4 loadleveler
* GT4
NCAR i686 GT4
*Abe Intel64 GT4 pbs
Cobalt ia64 GT4/GT2 pbs/fork
Mercury ia64 GT4/GT2 pbs/fork
Tungsten ia32 GT4/GT2 LSF/fork
ORNL i686 GT4/GT2 pbs/fork
*BigBen AMD Opteron GT4/GT2 pbs
*Rachel GT4/GT2 pbs
Purdue GT4/GT2 pbs
*sdsc BG ppc64 GT4/GT2 no job manager??
*sdsc DS 002628DA4C00 GT4/GT2 loadleveler/fork
sdsc IBM ia64 GT4/GT2 pbs/fork
lonestar ia64 GT4/GT2 LSF/fork
maverik sun4u GT4/GT2 sge/fork
*ranger GT4 sge/fork
IA-VIS i686 GT4/GT2 pbs
IS-64 ia64 GT4/GT2 pbs/fork

*QueenBee : could not login
*Abe doesn't support single-sign-on
*BigBen: could not login
*Abe: could not login
*Rachel: could not login
*Purdue: could not login
*sdsc BlueGene: unknown job manager?
*sdsc DataStar: unusual architecture?
*ranger: could not login

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