Friday, January 11, 2008

Compiling espresso in the TG machines

To run the executables on the TG machines, first you have to get ready your executables on the site.
Here is the instruction of installation serial run espresso. README.install was very useful.

* Cobalt, Mercury, and Tungsten NCSA

step 1. copy espressoXXX.tar

step 2. On the espresso directory, set the environment variable to select architecture.
setenv BIN_DIR /home/ac/quakesim/vlab/espresso/bin
setenv PSEUDO_DIR /home/ac/quakesim/vlab/espresso/pseudo
setenv TMP_DIR /home/ac/quakesim/vlab/espresso/tmp
setenv ARCH linux64

note: for serial process, PARA_PREFIX MUST be left empty. For parallel process,

setenv PARA_PREFIX "mpirun -np 2"

step 2.5 make sure you have tmp, pseudo, bin directory under your espresso directory

step 3. ./configure

step 4. make all

* Lonestar parallel pw.x, ph.x
step 1.
setenv PARA_PREFIX "mpirun"
step 2. setenv ARCH linux64
step 3. ./configure
step 4. make all

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