Monday, October 15, 2007

Community Proxy Single sign-on

This is about the sigle sign-on process with the community proxy certificate for the OGCE porttal (Gridsphere version). As soon as the user's login name and password are verified the portal service accesses teragrid proxy server, gets the community proxy certificate and stores it with user's login name in the proxy manager.

Step 0. prepare the account
-- get community account

Step 1. change the code
-- access the proxy server (teragrid proxy server)
-- get a proxy cert
-- register to the proxy manager with the currrent login name

Step 2. compile and generate jar
On gridsphere directory,

ant gridsphere-jar

*make sure that the detendent jar files are located in the lib directory.

*make sure that the classpath is pointing the lib directory in the compile task.

Step 3. copy jar to current OGCE deployment under,

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